March Classical Series 2024

March Classical Series 2024

Marvellous C19 Women

A song recital with YiLing Chaing and piano accompaniment Issei Sakano

Ticket price
Adults: $10
Students with ID and kids under 16 years old: $3

Date and Time: 31st March 2024 | 7pm
Venue: Raffles Hotel-Le Royal

  • Clara Schumann
  • Alma Mahler
  • Mathilde Wesensonk

Clara Schumann 3 Lieder (1841), Librettist Friedrich Rückert, Alama Mahler 4 Lieder (1915), Librettists Julius Biebaum and Richard Dehmel Richard Wagner 5 Wesendonk Lieder (1858), Librettist Mathilde Wesendonk The 19th century saw German composers again turn to Lieder (songs) production.

Romanticism gave great impetus to serious popular poetry, and many poems of such masters as Goethe, Wesendonk, Heine, and others were set by Lieder composers. For the Romantics, poetry and music were of equal importance.

We are happy to present this superb program to our distinguished series audience.

Advance tickets can be bought at The Piano Shop Cambodia (inside Soundskool Boeng Keng Kang branch: #21, Street #306)

If unable to buy the ticket in advance, reservations shall be made through The Piano Shop Cambodia Telegram/WhatsApp or

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