Why do pianos go out of tune?


11 Apr Why do pianos go out of tune?

Find out why pianos seem to be out of tune often – read on >


Pianos are made of wood. Through different season with different temperature, woods change its shape. It can either shrink or swell. Thus, this will affect the tuning since everything in the piano is connected including, strings dampers and hammer.

Lack of piano care

Buying the most expensive piano and keeping it in the safe room, thinking the piano will always be fine? You’re wrong because with every temperature and humidity changes the pitch will be altered. So, it’s better to keep checking the piano.

It’s just like that

With every temperature changes, or let’s say you can control the humidity or atmosphere in the room. Still, just playing it every day would also make changes to the tune. In fact, the heavier you play on the piano the faster the tuning will change.