What is a baby grand piano?

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01 May What is a baby grand piano?

How’s the original grand piano different from the baby grand piano?

The invention of the piano is credited to Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655–1731). The instrument derives from the harpsichord keyboard mechanisms which gave way to the development actions of the first pianos.


The standard width of a grand piano is about 5′. The length varies from 4½’ to 9½’. The total floor space allowance for the smallest grand should be at least 5′ wide by 6½’ long, including bench space.

Baby Grands refers to the smallest size Grand Piano available (from 4½’). A difference in size normally means a difference in sound. A Baby Grand Piano will be less powerful and less resonant, mostly aimed at hotel lobbies and students.

As you might’ve known already, the piano produces its sounds out of the soundboard and the strings so the sound can easily be affected by the size of it. Still, there are brands that manage to make the two piano sounds similar using the latest technology.