Digital piano vs Acoustic piano


04 Apr Digital piano vs Acoustic piano

Differences between digital piano and acoustic piano

One thing that is clear to us about the digital piano and the acoustic piano is that with the former you will have use power supply. On the other hand, with acoustic pianos there’s no need!

But then, could this be the only difference between the two pianos?

Acoustic Piano


-Elegant appearance

-Longer durability (can be up to 100 years)     

-Louder sound (if performing on a big stage, needs only a mic for the piano)

-Can easily be fixed since it’s not electronic

-Acoustic piano makes sound because of strings, hammer, and damper


-Bigger and heavier than the digital piano

-Need a bigger space to keep

-Need to control temperature and humidity for a good quality of the piano (since it’s made of wood)

-Expensive than the digital piano

Digital Piano


-Nice and Simple appearance

-Smaller and lighter than acoustic piano

-Doesn’t need a big space to keep

-Can have other instrument sounds besides acoustic piano

-The technology of the digital piano will always update

-More affordable than the acoustic piano


-The appearance of the digital piano doesn’t fit for a formal piano concert

-Sensitive to water since it’s electronic

-Can be a little complicated in fixing

-Also needs to control the temperature (not too hot)

-Makes sound because of the digital recording from the real acoustic piano

-Needs to connect to the speaker if you’re performing on stage